After school activities

Children who participate in the After School Activities get a simple snack (bread and cheese / deli / bar of chocolate, fruit) at 4:15pm; the activities last one hour from 4:30 to 5:30pm. After 5:30, the children who are still there play outside or, if the weather  is really bad, they watch nature  films or play social games. The latest departures are at 6:30pm (6:00pm on Fridays).

The after-school activities are designed to round off our rather intellectual education with the teaching of practical and manual skills. Children are divided into two groups:

The Enfantines and 1st Primary children have social games, modeling, working with paper, painting, outdoor games, and a Musical Garden.

The older children, boys and girls, have following handicraft options:  sewing workshops, modeling, painting, cooking and work on paper / cardboard. We also offer yoga classes, a Chess club, a German club (videos, songs and activities in German), Music and Dance, Music and Rhythm, as well as Swimming (three levels).

These workshops are very popular with the children and more than a third of our students are involved, even when parents do not need it for their own schedule.

Participation in workshops will ensure the child a complete education, which furthers the intellect, creativity and art, physical fitness as much as handicraft skills.

It is also possible to organise private music lessons in the school premises; many children take advantage of that offer. We allow you to use our classes and piano and can also organise a private teacher for you.

You can find all our after school activities here: