Curriculum 3-15 years


We start with Pre-K for children who turned 3 years at the latest on August 31st. From the very beginning we’re careful to offer challenging and interesting learning both with games and more structured activities.

At EBSR we allow children to learn at their own pace and respect their needs by offering them individualized activities, which can be more advanced if the child shows interest.

French is obviously part of teaching from the beginning, at the rate of 90 minutes a day, with a native French speaking teacher; the afternoon activities are bilingual.

Reading, writing and mathematics are introduced from the beginning, and are adapted to the age of the children. We use various methods capable of attracting and captivating young pupils.

From the beginning we follow the UK and the French curriculum in parallel; for Maths we follow the Singapore maths programme, which is adopted in more and more countries as it is both advanced and allows an in depth grasp of mathematical concepts.

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Primary school

The programs for 6-10 years old prepare them for the  “EBSR Middle School Years” where students can fully enjoy their exceptional bilingual level as well as their large social and scientific culture. The Middle School (see below) prepares for the entrance exams of the Gymnase Vaudois (Maturité Bilingue is possible).  It is also possible to continue towards the Maturité Suisse, the IB or the French Bac.

The French Native class follows the French programmes but with a broader scope and a large literature programme. French as a second language is also offered; normally students join the Native class after 2-3 years.

English is taught as a Second Language (normally students join the Native class after 2-3 years), or at Native Level. Native programmes follow the UK curriculum with more literature.

In Maths the program is based on Singapore but complemented and enriched in many areas.

German classes start from 3P (= 5Harmos), as well as Latin and Philosophy.

Science is taught at a high level, and we also offer Sports (with a ski camp and a sailing camp), Art and Music: a complete programme!

Middle School – “Voie Pré-Gymnasiale”

The EBSR Middle School begins as early as the 6th grade (as in France) and thus lasts 4 years instead of 3 (Swiss Harmos): this is because there are so many things that we want to teach and transmit!

Of course, this is the opportunity to learn, to improve, or to deepen one’s knowledge of French. If the students come from our primary school they will be in the native class and will reach a C1 level at 15 years, if they join us we adapt and offer second language courses. They join the native class depending on their level.

Curious and open-minded teenagers will find themselves fully involved in programmes that combine indispensable fundamental knowledge (maths, writing, etc.) with a unique mind broadening approach to knowledge, in-depth science discovery, a captivating literature programme, philosophy and psychology classes, reading and commenting World News … In short, everything students want and need to know about themselves, society and the world, they will be able to learn in our school.

Add to that time for personal projects, sports, art, sailing and skiing camps! These are exciting and busy Middle School years. See the complete programme HERE!

We prepare our students for the entrance exams to the Swiss “Gymnase” (with either Latin / Italian / Maths-Physics) or prepare them to continue with Matu Suisse / IB / Bac programmes.

The progression of the teaching is HERE.

 The Comparing School Systems USA-UK-VD-F will give you more information about the equivalence between classes/grades and the EBSR terminology.