Our vision

We are happy to welcome you to the website of the Ecole Bilingue de Suisse Romande.

The EBSR is a one-of-a-kind school, which allows students to attain real and active bilingualism in French and English, as well as acquire an unusually large scientific, literary and humanistic culture in both languages. Fundamentals (such as grammar, math, etc.) are studied seriously and with a classical approach; creativity and the arts are strongly encouraged. Sports are not neglected either, but rather quite the contrary. Music also plays an important role. You are welcome to discover our programmes HERE.

Our days are rather busy, and education is engaging and starts at an early stage. Our students retain their curiosity, their ability to be amazed and their capacity for continuous learning – boredom has no place within our walls. In the fundamental fields our teachers design the best individualised course for each student within the EBSR frame of reference, which brings him or her to their best level.

Our students love going to school because they are respected in their desire to learn and understand. They are listened to by their teachers, who actively help them progress. Our evaluations are clear, never punishing: the goal is to find the path of improvement for and with each and every student. Student- teacher dialogue is practised daily, with weekly information updates communicated to the parents.

Childhood and adolescence are magical periods of life  when the world opens up, and knowledge and skills accumulate like many precious treasures, just as long as the school takes great care to pass them on. This is our fundamental goal. To learn and understand as much as possible, to marvel at the complexity of the world, nature, man and society, to enjoy a variety of languages ​​and literatures, to draw numerous comparisons and conceive an infinite number of ideas… That is what prepares the students for a beautiful and fulfilling adult life.

Our school is secular and respects the equality of the sexes. It respects religions, but no dogma can interfere with teaching. Religious signs are not permitted on school grounds.

If you are looking for a high-level bilingual programme in a stimulating learning climate where snobbery has no place, we will be pleased to welcome you, so that you can discover our teaching values and the empathy of our approach.

Kind regards,

Tina Roessler

Founder and Director